The Aston Martin Super Sports was an automobile made by Aston Martin between 1920 and 1925. Approximately 50 were made including the Sports.

The engine had four cylinders and a bore of 65mm. This gave the cylinders a capacity of 1486cc. The engine was able to produce 55hp. The engine has two overhead camshaft and the four speed gearbox was linked to a Hele-Shaw unit with 19 clutch plates. The top speed of this car was 90mph (145kmh).

The engine was an advanced design using four valves per cylinder.

The suspension composed of semi-elliptical springs all round. There were brakes on all four wheels and Perrot system brakes on the front wheels.

The wheelbase is 8ft 9in long or 8ft.

The cars were expensively built and very few were sold.

The cars cost £695 when new.

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