The Aston Martin Ulster was a car produced by Aston Martin between 1934 and 1935. In this time, 21 cars were
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1935 Aston Martin Ulster


The engine had 4 cylinders with domed pistons, a stepped head and a single overhead camshaft. The camshaft was now a unit by Laystall and the timing was further revised. Power output was 85hp at 5250rpm. The engine also had a bore of 69.3mm giving it a capacity of 1494cc.

The Ulster had a Bord & Beck single-plate clutch connected to a four-speed gearbox. The brakes were cable operated in the front and mechanical in the rear. The chassis was 8ft 7in long with semi-elliptical spring suspension all round.

The standard body was a narrow, lightweight two-seater body made from an aluminium alloy. This also featured fold-flat windscreens. The body had an outside exhaust running down the length of the car and a spare wheel was mounted horizontally on the rear of the car.

It was decided that the car didn't need any chrome plated parts due to the reflections from the bright work going into the drivers eyes. Instead all the bright parts off of the Aston Martin Mark II were painted and fitted to the Ulster.

The left-hand side of the dashboard was an impressive collection of gadgets making up the instrument panel. All the electrical components including the magneto and the fuel pump were all separately wired up and fused.

The Ulster was being sold with a guaranteed top speed of 100mph (161kmh).

The car cost £750 ($1120.05 in U.S. dollars) when new.

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