The Audi UW 225 was a middle-class car with front-wheel drive offered by the German Audi company from 1936 to 1938. It was preceded by the Audi Front, and eventually became replaced by the Audi 920. The vehicle was fitted with the same engine as the concurrent Wanderer W245. For capacity reasons, the 225 was built at Horch factories.

The car was equipped with a 2257cc six-cylinder OHV inline engine that was capable of delivering 50 bhp at 3300 rpm, and from 1937, 55 bhp at 3800 rpm. Per 100 km, the 225 consumed approximately 14 litres of petrol, and the vehicle could reach speeds of up to 105 km/h. It measured 4500 mm in length, 1650 mm in width, and 1575 mm in height, and weighed between 1325 and 1350 kg when empty. This front-wheel drive car featured four-speed suspension. It was available as a four-door sports sedan, four-door sedan, two-door convertible, and two-door roadster.

In total, about 2600 examples of the Audi 225 were produced.