The Austin 18/24 (or 18-24 hp) was the third automobile produced by the British Austin Motor Company. It was launched in 1907 to replace the 15/20, of which only four were made.

The 18/24 was the first big seller for Austin, reaching sales of 1,566 by the end of the model's life in 1913.

The 18/24 was not directly replaced, with the Austin 20 hp and Austin 30 hp both launched in 1913 as alternatives to the 18/24 and the Austin 15 hp.


The 18/24 had the same engine 4.4-litre (4399 cc) 4-cylinder as the short-lived 15/20.

It had a choice of two wheelbase of 2,743 mm (108.0 in) and 3,200 mm (126.0 in).

The short wheel-base was sold as a two-seater Ranelagh (with dicky seat)