The Austin 50 hp was the top model made by the Austin Motor Co. during the last years before World War I.

The car appeared in 1910 as a successor to the model 60 hp. It came as either a touring car (on the short chassis) and a year later, a Pullman limousine (on the long chassis).

The side-valve six-cylinder engine was the same as that from the 18/24 hp with 105 mm bore diameter and a crankshaft with the same stroke (127 mm) as this model. The only difference was an uprated displacement of 6522 cm³.

In 1911, the cylinders were bored to 111 mm, the crankshaft remained. This resulted in the displacement being raised to 7,373 cm³.

In 1914, the four-cylinder 30 hp became this model's successor.

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