The Austin Sports Twenty was an automobile produced by Austin between 1921 and 1922. Between 25 and 50 were made.

This model was inspired by the one-off order of a modified Austin Twenty ordered by Felix Scriven. Austin were so impressed with the outcome that they decided to put it into production.

The car had a new large bore inlet manifold, higher compression head, special camshaft, lightened flywheel and a balanced piston and con rod assemblies. The carburettor was switched from a Zenith unit to a Claudel-Hobson.

The engine had 4 cylinders and a bore of 95mm. This gave a capacity of 3601cc and featured side valves. The cars has a single plate clutch and four speed gear box.

The chassis was 10ft 10in long with semi-elliptical springs on each corner. The footbrake controlled the brakes on the rear wheels.

The cars were able to reach speeds of up to 80mph (129kmh) and cost £950 in 1921 and £945 in 1922.

The Sports Twenty went on sale at a difficult time, the company was going into receivership and the market was favouring smaller cars.