The ADO70 was a protptype car built by BMC in 1970.

It was the second attempt to produce a Mini based sports car and was considered to be a possible replacement for the MG Midget. The project was however, dropped because it was feared that the design would not comply with the stringent safety and emissions standards of the USA, which was the MG's most important market.

This car is usually known as the "Michelotti Mini" because, although it was styled by Paul Hughes at Longbridge, the prototype was built by Michelotti. One of the design team Robin Owen, drove a 1275 GT Mini to Italy and spent 2 months supervising its rebuilding. When he drove the finished car back to England it was noticeably heavier than the original and its performance had deteriorated.

The Mini 1275 GT on which the prototype was based was a new model and the only mechanical modification made was to fit twin exhaust tail pipes.

The Hydrolastic suspension was a standard feature but one of the special body features was the removable half roof Targa panels.

Rejected as production proposition, the car was left to rot at Longbridge, before being rescued and restored.