The BMW 2000 GL / 2000 SA and the weaker motorized BMW 1800 GL / 1800 SA cars are the middle class, from 1968 to 1973 by Praetor Monteerders, the importer for BMW in South Africa were built. After setting the Glas 1700 the bodywork tools were donated to the South African BMW importer. This was setting up its own production, but was overwhelmed by the types of the "New Class", which were partially made ​​in Munich with welding robots. Therefore, provided the less elaborately constructed glass at the 1700th In April 1968, the new models were introduced.

They were with the drives manufactured in Germany the BMW 1800 and 2000 equipped. These were four-cylinder inline engine with 1760 cc engine (bore x stroke = 89 mm × 71 mm) and 66 kW (90 hp) at 5,250 min -1, and 1,990 cc engine (bore x stroke = 89 mm × 80 mm) and 74 kW (100 hp) at 5,800 min -1, in conjunction with 4-speed manual transmission with floor shift.

The bodies of four-door sedans in line to the trunk lid of the by Frua designed 1700 glass, the glass emblems were replaced with those of BMW. Frua even the construction of a station wagon BMW developed and offered. This car, however, was unique.

In 1972, Frua, request the revision, especially the front was fitted to the BMW family and built modern circular instruments. Models 1800 and 1973, the SA 2000 SA were the models 1804 and 2004replaced.

The vehicles were under the name Cheetah (English for cheetah ) distributed with 1600, 1800 and 2000 cm in Rhodesia and there permanently imprinted on the streets.

The total expenditure of the Frua-car in South Africa more than twice the number as in glass built in Dingolfing. Then BMW took over the company Praetor Monteerders out, it had BMW South Africa.