BMW Nazca C2

BMW Nazca C2 -

The BMW Nazca C2 (also known as Italdesign Nazca C2) was a 1991 concept sports car.

The car was designed by famed automotive engineering company Italdesign, home of Giorgetto Giugiaro, and features a similar frontal design of a BMW. It was an evolution of the previous concept the Nazca M12 from 1991. The engine used was a modified version of the 5.0 liter V12 used in the BMW 8 Series tuned by Alpina. It originally had 380 HP. The car had a top speed of 193 mph (311 km/h). Three cars in total were produced. The car's aesthetic features included Semi gull-wing doors, full glass top and all carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer construction. The car was intended as an official replacement for the BMW M1 super car from the '70s - '80s, but BMW was hesitant at producing another mid-engined super car after the M1 flopped, so they pulled the plug. BMW allowed ItalDesign to use their name and grill solely on the 3 concept cars built.

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