The British Racing Motors P57 (BRM P57) was a Formula One racing car that competed in Formula One from 1961 to 1966. The car did well in the 1962 Formula One season, clinching the Drivers' Champion with Graham Hill, and the Constructors' as well.


After the 1950s with the BRM P25, Tony Rudd was in charge of BRM's design teams. This lead to the P57s being powered by V8 engines, which was the traditional and correct choice. This turned out to be a great move as the P57 won the Drivers' championship and Constructors' championship for the first time in their history in Formula One.

For the 1963 season, the P57 was modified and improved to keep competitiveness. The car still did well, until in 1966 new engine regulations were announced and so the car had to go to a sixteen-cylinder engine, ending the years of the BRM P57.

Notable drivers

  • Graham Hill
  • Richie Ginther
  • Dan Gurney