The BRM P83 was a Formula 1 race car used by British Racing Motors in the Formula 1 World Championships in 1966 and 1967.

The key feature of the P83 was the engine. The P83 was the only BRM racing car, in which the 16-cylinder engine which was fitted, was reasonably successful. The 3-litre engine was basically two eight-cylinder engines stuck together. The engine performance was modest with about 420 hp. The engine was the weak point in this otherwise conventional monocoque designed racecar. It was too heavy and made the vehicle tail-heavy, which led to suspension problems in the fast corners.

BRM built three chassis, which received the designation 8301, 8302 and 8303. The debut for this car was at the 1966 Italian Grand Prix. Jackie Stewart drove chassis 8302 and Graham Hill drove chassis 8303. They both had to retire due to mechanical problems.