BSA Scout

The Scout was a car produced by BSA between 1935 and 1939. 3000 Scouts of all models were made.

The Scout was a two seater with pleasing lines and basically conventional sporting appearance. It used the BSA T9 nine horsepower engine, a single differential brake at the front as per the three-wheeler, and drum brakes at the rear operated by rods. Rear suspension was semi-elliptical leaf springs. Chassis arrangements were similar to the T9.

The Scout sold well, and BSA were encouraged to produce a 10 h.p. (1204 cc) version which also featured a relocated handbrake assembly. This appeared as the Series 2 (2 seater) and the Series 3 in both four seat open tourer and 2 seat coupe form.

At the beginning of 1936 the BSA car buying public were faced with a choice of five basic FWD models plus many more fluid flywheel RWD four and six cylinder saloons. The situation was rationalised during 1936 by a reduction in the model range to only an improved version of the Scout, in 2 seat, 4 seat tourer and 2 seat coupe form.

These Series 4 Scouts featured an umbrella dashboard gear change and all round hub brakes, rod and cable operated brakes on the front wheels. Later Scouts were fitted with a re-designed gearbox.While synchromesh could not be squeezed in, the straight-cut gears were replaced with offset double helical 'Silent Second' constant mesh sets which gave a dog-clutch type engagement. Whilst quieter and easier for gear selection, the gears were not as strong and added a further limitationon any attempts to increase performance of the car.

For 1938 the Scout series 5 featured a 12 volts battery, Bendix cable brakes and minor styling changes, for example the coupe being a 2 + 2 in modern parlance. For the final year of Scout production the 1939 Series 6 was fitted with 'easy clean' wheels and a three bearing crankshaft, and appeared in 2 and 4 seat tourer form, plus a steel bodied saloon. Just before war commenced a 2 seat drop head coupe version appeared, but only fourteen were produced, and the rising war effort brought BSA car production to a halt before the Series 7 with a revised front suspension arrangement got beyond the prototype stage.

3000 Scouts of all models