The Three-wheeler Twin was a car made by BSA between 1930 and 1936. Around 5200 were made.

BSA used the 1021cc air-cooled twin V-twin pushrod engine which they had acquired from the takeover of the old Hotchkiss company. The car had a multi-plate clutch connected to a three-speed constant-mesh gearbox. The car could reach 65mph (105kmh).

Brakes were only fitted at the front of the car.

The drive went to the front wheels via a worm-and-drive final drive. The front wheels were mounted on a pair of transverse leaf springs. Towards the rear of the chassis, the rails converged to form a tubular backbone from which supported a quarter-elliptical spring for the rear wheel.

The Three-wheeler Twin cost £98 when new in 1936.

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