The Bamby Microcar featured a fiberglass body with left side gull-wing door and a single seat, production was only carried out in 1984.

All Bamby cars were three-wheelers with the single wheel in the rear. Initial models were equipped with hand-started Minarelli 49cc engines, cable brakes and single headlamps. Improvements introduced included replacing the original engines with the type fitted by Yamaha to their Passola moped, using the main frame components as a subframe for attaching to the body of the car. Brakes were converted to hydraulic discs, but the single headlamp was retained until a further face-lift, from which time two headlights were fitted. At this time the gull-wing entry was deleted and a front-hinged door installed instead.

Also introduced was a Suzuki engine, attached via a full chassis, in place of the previously used subframe. The new model was exhibited at the Ideal Home Exhibition of 1984, meeting with overall public approval, but few were made and the final Bamby left the factory within a few months.