The Bean 14/70 was a car built by Bean between 1928 and 1929. It was built to be a sporty model of the Bean 14/45.

The 14/70 was a conventional design with side valves, three bearing crankshaft and semi-elliptical springs all round. The car used a single plate clutch and a four speed gearbox.

The engine was a four cylinder unit with a bore of 75mm, giving a capacity of 2297cc. The cylinder head was unconventional using some featured based on Ricardo Patents. It's long stroke was typical of the time to help keep the RAC rating down (and taxes) and so it could produce high torque at low speeds. The engine was able to produce 50hp.

Body styles offered were a sports saloon, a sports coupe and tourer.

The car was quoted to reach a maximum speed of 70mph (113kmh) which gave rise to its name although one journal could only get the car to a top speed of 66mph (106kmh).

The cars cost £435 when new and it is not know how many were made.