The Bean 18/50 was a car produced by Bean between 1926 and 1929. In this time 500 cars were made.

The 18/50 was the first Bean car to use a six cylinder engine with a capacity of 2692cc. Due of the motor company's financial situation they used a Meadows engine. It was largely conventional having pushrod operated overhead valves with chain drive for the camshaft, a magneto and a dynamo. The engine also featured three external transport ports for water circulation between the block and head. The four speed gearbox was also a meadows unit and a single Zenith AZ carburettor fed the six cylinders through a manifold.

The chassis was a lengthened and strengthened version of the Bean Fourteen's. It was 10ft 2 1/4in with semi-elliptical leaf springs all the way round. The larger chassis allowed the introduction of a roomier body. For the tourer this included a leather upholstery throughout and a folding rear screen.

The performance wasn't the best around but with the car weighing a staggering 3128lb (1420kg) a top speed of 57mph (92kmh) was something to be proud of especially with the smoothness of the six cylinder engine.

The tourer cost £475 when new.