The Two-Litre was a car built by Beardmore between 1923 and 1925.

The Two-Litre was the successor to the Eleven. The bore was increased to 72mm giving an uprated capacity of 1860cc. Aluminium pistons became standard and secondary gears drove the magneto and dynamo.

Two Litre Sports

The Two Litre Sports got it's name from the further increase in bore which was increased to 74.5mm. This increased the capacity to 1988cc. Brakes were installed on all four wheels and the suspension comprised of semi-elliptical leaf springs on each corner.

A number of other improvements included a higher compression ratio, stronger valve springs, uprated camshaft, 'racing' carburettor and a close-ratio gearbox.

There were two pressurised fuel tanks, one on either side of the chassis that made it so that the car was able to quickly switch from petrol to an alcohol based fuel.

The two/three-seater body was given a sporty appearance due to the bodywork being finished in polished aluminium.

Every example was guaranteed to lap Brooklands at 70mph.

The cars cost £650 in June 1923 and £550 in Novemmber 1923.