The Bedford C was a bus chassis made by the British manufacturer Bedford Vehicles. It was first introduced in 1957.

The chassis of the Bedford C was like the chassis of the Bedford SB. With a total weight of 4 or 5 tons, the buses were considerably smaller than the SB. While the C4 with a width of 7 feet 6 inches, the C5 could either be 7 feet 6 inches or 8 feet wide. The size limit of 7 feet 6 inches wide was for buses in the UK.

The Bedford C Z1 has a six-cylinder petrol engine with 3.6 litres displacement. The Z2 was given a six-cylinder diesel engine with 4.9 litres displacement. The Z3 came with 4.9 litre petrol engine. All the buses had a synchronised four-speed gearbox.