The Bedford JJL was the first middle-sized bus model of Bedford. It was built between 1979 and 1981.


There were only four produced, including the prototype JJL. The four were:

VIN Registration number in the UK Body Seating Completion date
IRK0JL9008 UKX335X Marshall 260250 B24F 1981
IRK0JL9009 AVS903T Marshall 260251 B24F November 1978
IRK0JL9010 EKX648T Marshall 260252 B24F 1978
IRK0JL9011 HKX553V Marshall 260253 B24F November 1979

The construction date of the first chassis indicates that this was the prototype.


The transport company in Maidstone took the JJL in 1981/1982. The buses with registration numbers UKK 335X and AVS 903T were first sold to Brighton and then to Northern Bus in Sheffield in 1992. EKX 648T also went to Brighton but was scrapped in 1988, after it had crashed a tree. In 1983, HKX 553V was sold to the local transport company in Bournemouth and then went to the Goodman Group. This is the last JJL that was in use.


In the late 1970s - early 1980s mid-sized buses were not as popular, the JJL was a pioneer of the coming boom. 10 years later, Tricentrol in Dunstable built a short verson of the Bedford YMQ chassis with the name YMQ/S. This was just like the Dennis Dart, but built in much greater numbers.