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The Bedford M Series was a commercial vehicle chassis, the first variants of which were made in 1939. It is a normal control 4-wheel chassis designed to carry loads of 2-3 tons. There were two wheelbase lengths offered—10' 0" or 11' 11" -- and each was fitted with the standard 6-cylinder 27.34 hp petrol engine.

A 4-speed gearbox with single dry plate clutch delivered power to a floating rear axle with spiral bevel final drive. Brakes were Lockheed hydraulic type and servo assisted operating on all four wheels.

Seven variants of the M series chassis were offered. Their designations were:

MS - short (10'0") wheelbase:

  • MSZ : chassis only
  • MSC : chassis and cab
  • MSD : dropside lorry
  • MST : end tipper

ML - long (11'11") wheelbase:

  • MLZ : chassis only
  • MLC : chassis and cab
  • MLD : dropside lorry

In the years between the deletion of the WHB small bus in the mid 1930s and the introduction of the Bedford CA the limited 12-16 seat bus market demand was met by examples of the M Series, either MLC or MLZ, Plaxton converted some of the latter to forward control in the 1950s using the same scaled down Consort body as fitted to similar Austin or Karrier bases, whilst an MLC converted to a 12-seat schoolbus by Lee Motors for Dorset County Council survives in preservation.