The Bedford TK is a truck that was produced by the Vauxhall Motors-owned Bedford Vehicles company.

History and use

The TK range replaced the S type in 1959, and served as the basis for a variety of derivatives, including fire engines, military, horse boxes, tippers, flatbed trucks, and other specialist utilities. A General Post Office (later British Telecom) version used for installing telegraph poles was known as the "Polecat".

Available with an inline four or inline six cylinder petrol and diesel engines - the TK was the quintessential light truck in the UK through most of the 1960s and 1970s, competing with the similar Ford D series. It was available in rigid form, and also as a light tractor unit normally using the Scammell coupling form of semi-trailer attachment.

Bedford MKs - a 4x4 variant of the TK - are still used by the British Armed Forces. The Bedford MK was introduced to replace the Bedford RL. It was very successful and by year end 1977 a total of 11,700 units had been produced for the British Army and overseas military services. The MK has been produced in many variants.

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