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1974 Bedford YRQ

The Bedford Y Series covers a large range of chassis variants from 1970 until the end of Bedford production in 1986. Prior to the Y Series all of Bedford's chassis had been front-engined and truck-derived. The Y type was Bedford's first chassis to be designed specifically as an underfloor mid-engined PSV chassis. The final version of the Y type, the YNV, was to Bedford's answer to increasing competition from continental companies. Featuring full air suspension, the chassis was vastly different from its predecessors, but it was sadly let down by the unreliable N Series engine.

Today a well looked after Y Series in good condition and with some remain MOT can cost between £1700 and £2000.


Recommended Reading

  • The Bedford Story Part 2 1950-1986; Stuart Broatch and Alan Townsin; Venture Publishing; ISBN 1 898432 09 0
  • Bedford Buses of the 1970s and '80s; M. Berry, A. Earnshaw and M. Eltham; Trans-Pennine Publishing; ISBN 1 903016 05 03
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