The Chinese Beijing BJ212 (Chinese: 北京212) and BJ2020 is a Land Rover and Jeep inspired four-wheel drive, diesel-powered light-duty offroad utility vehicle in the half tonne class, built by Beijing Automobile Works. The original design, depending in large on Russian off-roaders from UAZ and possibly developed in conjunction with the UAZ-469, debuted in 1965 as the Beijing BJ212. It has been known as the BJ2020 series since the Chinese car classification system was changed in 1989. It is commonly used by the Chinese government (particularly the armed forces), but is also commercially available. Various versions of the Jeep are today sold under the names of Zhanqi, Jinxuanfeng, Lieying, City Cruiser, Kuangchao, and Ludi. The BJ212 and its successors has a long history of use by the People's Liberation Army.

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