The 4 Litre was an automobile manufactured by Bentley for only one model year in 1931. Around 50 cars were built in this time.

With sales drying up, the 4 Litre was the company's last desperate effort to keep the company going. In the belief that the models being offered were too expensive for the market, the directors decided to create a new, cheaper model to compete with the Rolls-Royce 20/25.

The 4 Litre had a six cylinder 3916cc pushrod engine mounted to a shortened version of the 8 Litre chassis. The engine had an overhead inlet, side exhaust layout and a non-detachable head. Ignition was by a single coil and one plug per cylinder. The car had a single plate clutch connected to four speed gearbox The brakes were cable operated.

The chassis came in 2 sizes, 11ft 2in and 11ft 8in. They both had semi-elliptical springs on all four corners.

The engine produced 120hp.

The chassis cost £1225 when new.

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