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The 6½ Litre was a car manufactured by Bentley between 1925 and 1930.

Bentley knew that it's customers tended to order heavy coachwork with their cars. The 6½ Litre was their solution to help provide an alternate chassis and more power.

The chassis was unveiled at the 1925 Motor Show and deliveries began later that year. It's overall layout was similar to that of the 3 Litre. The engine still had a non-detachable head, four valves per cylinder, dual ignition and the same arrangement of rocker arms working off the single camshaft. The inlet and exhaust manifolds had swapped sides from the 3 Litre. The exhaust was now on the off-side.

The engine was a 6 cylinder 6598cc block with a bore of 100mm. It was of a long stroke design and with the wider bore, gave the cylinders a more conventional design. The crankshaft drove a two-to-one reduction gear which drove an arrangement of three small cranks and connecting rods. This transmitted the rotational energy to the overhead camshaft.

The car adopted a single plate clutch and a four speed gearbox. Brakes on all four wheels were fitted as standard and these were operated via a vacuum servo from 1927.

The chassis longer and stronger than those of the 3 Litre. The chassis had deeper and wider channel sections and a fifth cross section was added. The chassis came in 6 lengths from 11ft up to 12ft 7in. The car had semi-elliptical springs on all four corners.

The Standard Six was able to produce 147hp and reach speeds of 85mph (137kmh). The Speed Six model was able to produce 180hp and reach speeds of 92mph (148mph).

The Standard Six chassis cost £1450 when new.

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