The Bentley Alpha is a prototype vehicle produced alongside the Bentley Bengal/Rolls-Royce Rangoon project.

Rolls-Royce saw that it had an opportunity to develop a Bentley version of BMC’s proposed ADO30 coupe, which itself was to have been built on ADO17 underpinnings. The ADO30 had its origins in a project that was designed to replace the Austin-Healey 3000 with a Pininfarina-designed coupe. This would have used Hydrolastic suspension and the 4-litre FB60 engine.

The Alpha looked a lot like an Italian designed coupe, with a large horizonal grille and Jaguar E-Type like headlights. Although a full-size prototype of the BMC car was produced, the Bentley Alpha only made it as far as the quarter-scale model.

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