The Bentley Java was a short-lived project that ran between 1961 and 1962.

The project was conceived as a way of developing a new entry-level saloon on a very small budget. This was done by basing the car on the bodyshell a Vanden Plas Princess 3-Litre and then altering it to whatever shape the Bentley designers wanted. A six-cylinder engine was going to be fitted in the car, having originally been developed from a previous Rolls-Royce engine for use in the aborted Bentley Burma saloon.

The first running prototype designated 71-B, was finished and hit the road in March 1962. This prototype was little more than a Vanden Plas Princess 3-Litre fitted with a Rolls-Royce F-60 engine and gearbox. The car also had various other modifications to its brakes and steering.

The Java had vetically-stacked twin headlights, similar to those on the Alvis TE 21, although both of these cars were likely to have been inspired by the Facel Vega FV.

This car was used solely for performance-evaluation testing but would later form the test-bed for the Vanden Plas Princess 4-litre R, which retained the F-60 engine.

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