The 10/18 PS was a middle-class automobile built by the German automotive firm Benz & Cie from 1908 to 1910. It was a development of the earlier 18 PS, and was later replaced by the 8/18 PS.

The 10/18 PS was fitted with a 2410cc four-cylinder engine capable of generating 18 bhp (13.2 kW) of output. Engine power was transferred via a leather cone clutch to a three-speed gearbox, and from there via a propshaft to the rear wheels. The vehicle had a top speed of between 65 and 69 km/h and a gas mileage at 15-16 l per 100 km. Its chassis weighed approximately 750 kg and rode on a wheelbase of 2625 to 2780 mm.

This leaf-sprung vehicle with wooden spoke wheels and tires was sold for 9000 goldmark as a double phaeton, and 11,000 mark as a saloon and landaulet.

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