The 10/25 PS was a middle-class automobile manufactured by the German automotive firm Benz & Cie in 1912, as a larger variant of the 10/20 PS. In the same year, a car with a more powerful engine, the 10/30 PS, was offered. The 10/30 disappeared after the conclusion of World War I in 1918, but reappeared in 1921 and continued being built until 1926. From 1926 to 1927, the vehicle was sold as the 10/35 PS and featured a more powerful engine. It was subsequently replaced by the Mercedes-Benz 8/38 PS upon Benz's merge with Daimler in 1926.

The Benz 10/25 PS was fitted with a 2610cc four-cylinder inline engine capable of generating 25 bhp (18.4 kW) at 1600 rpm. Engine power was transferred from a leather cone clutch to a four-speed gearbox, and from there via a propshaft to the rear wheels. It had a top speed of between 68 and 71 km/h and consumed between 15 and 17 litres per 100 km. As of late 1912, the 10/30 PS was introduced, and featured a more powerful engine that could generate 30 bhp (22 kW) at 1750 rpm with the same displacement as the engine of the 10/25 PS.

During World War I, the 10/30 PS was further built in small numbers. The 14/30 PS was more sought after during the war years because it generated the same amount of power for more displacement. The military believed that its 3500cc engine was more robust than the 2600cc engine in the 10/30 PS.

The Benz 10/30 PS made its reappearance in 1921. The same engine had received a different cooling system, which resulted in it producing 30 bhp (22 kW) at 2000 rpm. The 10/30 PS was replaced by the 10/35 PS in 1926, having an increased performance of 35 bhp at 2500 rpm. Production of the vehicle eventually ceased in 1927.


Model Construction period Cylinders Capacity Bore × stroke Performance At rpm
10/25 PS 1912 4 2610cc 80 mm × 130 mm 25 bhp (18.4 kW) 1600 rpm
10/30 PS 1912-1918 30 bhp (22 kW) 1750 rpm
10/30 PS 1921-1926 2000 rpm
10/35 PS 1926-1927 35 bhp (26 kW) 2500 rpm
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