The 82/200 PS was an open sports car manufactured by the German automotive firm Benz & Cie from 1912 to 1914, using an engine normally intended for use in airships. It was the largest Benz automobile produced.

The 82/200 PS was fitted with a 21.5-litre four-cylinder engine capable of generating 200 bhp (147 kW) of output at 1300 rpm. Engine power was transferred from a leather cone clutch to a four-speed gearbox, and from there via a propshaft to the rear wheels. The vehicle had a top speed of about 170 km/h. It measured 3800 mm long, 1600 mm wide, and 1450 mm high, and rode on a 2775 mm wheelbase.

The 82/200 PS was equipped with leaf-sprung rigid axles and wire-spoke wheels. Its 1250 kg chassis cost about 36,000 goldmark during production.

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