Bindo Maserati (1883 - September, 1980) was an Italian automotive engineer and businessman, known as the manager of Maserati and one of the Maserati Brothers.

Born in Voghera, he was a mechanic at Isotta-Fraschini (1910–32) where he joined his brother Ettore Maserati. Only occasionally did he race, as in the Isotta 8A SS with Aymo Maggi in Mille Miglia (1927). While the other brothers established the Maserati sparkplug manufacturer (1914) and car manufacturer (1926), Bindo did not join until 1932, when he took over as manager after Alfieri Maserati, who had just died. After being under Adolfo Orsi's management (1937–47), he moved with brothers to Bologna (1947) to found the O.S.C.A. manufacturer. He died there in 1980.