The Bolwell Mark 4C is a kit car that was produced by the Australian automaker Bolwell in 1965.

Winston Bolwell, the founder of the Bolwell company, built the Mark 4C for personal use in 1965. Only one example of the car is known to exist, and it is believed to have been the last of the Bolwell Mark 4 ever produced. Its current owner, Paul Ewins, acquired the Mark 4C in April 1997, and later entered it in the Geelong Speed Trials on November 15, 2003.

The Mark 4C has Hillman Imp running gear and a space frame chassis. Its lower sides and floor are made of aluminum while its top is fibreglass. The car was initially fitted with an 875cc engine with twin solex carburettors, but the latter were subsequently replaced 40 millimeter Weber carburettors. The vehicle uses original drum brakes from a Hillman Imp. It greatly differs in appearance to the standard Mark 4, having a narrower and shorter body and no doors.