The Bowin Koala was a Formula Junior class of car, designed and built in 1962 by John Joyce, founder of Bowin Cars in his grandparents backshed.

Joyce's previous achievements was a Cooper Car Company based Formula Junior he built in 1959.

The Koala's first race was the FJ Trophy Cup, held at Lowood, Queensland in 1963. The race was a 10 lapper and John was going well until he broke a half shaft 1.5 miles from the finish. It has been said that he was that close to the finish, he could have claimed 4th place by pushing the car over the line.

Only one Koala was ever built before John Joyce left Australia to take up a position with Lotus Cars as a Project Engineer, later to become the company's Chief Development Engineer during the mid to late 60's.

In 1967 he returned to Australia and founded Bowin Cars.

In more recent time the Koala has been restored by Paul Charal.

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