The Brabham BT30 was a Formula 2 racing car which was entered in the 1969, 1970 and 1971 Formula 2 Championships.

The Brabham BT30 had a complex space frame chassis and a FVA Cosworth engine for propulsion. The large rear wing, mounted in 1969, was replaced in 1970 by a smaller one. The BT30 had a fuel tank made ​​of aluminum in 1969 which was replaced in 1970 by steel tanks, which were integrated into the sides of the monocoque chassis.

In 1969, Piers Courage came fifth in the Formula 2 Championship. Westbury Peter drove a privately owned BT30 and came sixth. In 1970, the BT30 was the most commonly used vehicle in the championship. Of the 40 drivers who scored points during this season in Formula 2, 22 drove a BT30.

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