The Brabham BT42 is a racecar built by Brabham Racing and raced in Formula 1 between 1973 and 1974.

The car made its debut at the 1973 Spanish Grand Prix.

The car was designed by Gordon Murray. The chassis was of an aluminium monocoque design and the engine was a 3.0 litre Ford Cosworth DFV engine that produced 450 hp at 10,800rpm. The engine was mounted longitudinally at the rear of the car as was mated to a Hewland FG 400.

The cars had a total weight of 575 kg. They had a wheelbase of 2388 mm, the front track was 1422 mm and the rear track was 1448 mm.

The drivers were Ian Ashley, Andrea De Adamich, Carlo Facetti, Wilson Fittipaldi, Helmuth Koinigg, Jean-Louis Lafosse, Gérard Larrousse, Lella Lombardi, Manfred Mohr, Silvio Moser, Carlos Pace, Teddy Pilette, Carlos Reutemann, Stommelen Rolf, Andy Sutcliffe, John Watson and Eppie Wietzes.

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