Brabham BT51, 1982-83, Nelson Piquet, by Wiki

Brabham BT51, 1982-83,  Nelson Piquet, by Ru. Wikipedia

The Brabham BT51 was a racecar built for Formula 1 designed by Gordon Murray. It was fitted with a BMW M12/13 - 1500cc engine.

The car, which was tested by Nelson Piquet and Riccardo Patrese, was intended to race in the 1982-3 Formula One season.

However, following a change in the rules for the 1983 season eliminating ground effect technology, the team had to abandon it and it never took part in a Grand Prix.


For the season 1983 the then president of FISA, Jean-Marie Balestre, banned the use of flaps on the side of racecars. For Brabham, this meant they did not have a modern car to use, as the BT49C was outdated.

Brabham designer, Gordon Murray, built the BT51 to solve this issue.

The team boss Bernie Ecclestone was convinced that car would be allowed to race in the 1983 season. The fuel tank in the car was small, as Brabham planned to use pit stops as a race strategy.

The car was tested by the team drivers: Nelson Piquet and Riccardo Patrese. FISA prohibited use of the car.

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