The 3.5 Litre is a car produced by Brough Superior between 1936 and 1939.

At the time of the 1935 London Motor Show, Hudson told George Brough that they would no longer be able to supply him with the chassis he used for his Brough Superior Eight.

This sparked him to produce a new model, called the 3.5 Litre in 1936. He launched it at a £30 lower price than the previous Eight.

The car came with a 3476cc six cylinder engine that produced 107hp. This propelled the 2912 (1322kg) car to around 90mph (145kmh).

The car initially used a 1936 Terraplane Six chassis that was modified. Lockheed brakes were also used instead of the Bendix cable system. The 'Dual Purpose' coupe was now available as a four-door saloon on offer for £596.