The Eight was an automobile produced by Brough Superior between 1935 and 1936.

The engine produced 125 hp and propelled the car up to 90mph (145kmh).

The Eight was Brough Superior's first production car. It gets it's name because it had a 4168cc straight eight engine. Ignition was by a coil and the five bearing crankshaft was fully balanced and had a torsional vibration damper at the front. The 10ft long chassis and running gear came from Hudson.

Brough changed the appearance of the engine by installing a polished cover to the head. The dampers were also changed to Luvax lever-arm units. There was extensive rewiring so that the car could run off of a 12volt system.

The car had built in hydraulic jacks and twin electric window wipers.

The body only came with one type of coachwork, the 'Dual Purpose' design. The car looked smart whether the hood was in an opened or a closed state.

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