1956 Buckle Coupe at the 2009 Shannon's Eastern Creek Classic PMcC

1956 Buckle Sports Coupe at the 2009 Shannon's Eastern Creek Classic by Paul McCurley -

The Buckle Sports Coupe was an Australian fibreglass-bodied sports car produced from 1957 to 1959 by Buckle Motors.

The 2-door coupe used a combination of Ford Zephyr Six and Ford Zephyr Mark II, including a straight-6 engine from the Mark II. Totaling a weight of 865kg and a top speed of 160km/h, it also featured a box chassis frame, transverse leaf spring front suspension and a conventional Ford rear axle.

The Buckle performed well in hillclimb events and circuit races and held many records.

Despite considerable motor sport success in the hands of various drivers including Buckle himself, only 25 examples were produced including the 1955 prototype. Buckle would however go on to a successful business venture building Goggomobil cars in Australia, the highpoint of which was the production of the Australian designed Goggomobil Dart.