The Buckler DD2 was a two-seater kit car that was built between 1957 and 1962.

It was built around a tubular space frame chassis, which was adaptable to accept any engine up to 2 litres in size and a variety of suspension options including De Dion. The chassis incorporated coaxial coil spring shock absorber units fitted all round. This was then clothed in a modern GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) bodyshell.

The engines included units such as  the 1172cc Ford side valve engine, 997cc Ford 105E, 1198cc Ford 113E/118E, 1340cc Ford 109E, 1498cc Ford 113E/118E and the 1703cc Ford engines. These engines were then front mounted with power being transferred through a gearbox and to the rear wheels.

In line with the previous vehicles the DD2 could be purchased ready made, complete with a performance road test certificate, or in kit form for the owner to build himself. As the specifications of the cars were very flexible to suit the purchaser, meaning that no DD2s were exactly the same.

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