In order to restart Bugatti, a new car was needed for the 1950s. The result was the 1951 Type 101. An evolution of the Type 57, it is considered by many to be the last true Bugatti car, until 1956; with just seven produced. Powered by the 3.3 L (3257 cc/198 in³) straight-8 from the Type 57. The seven chassis were bodied by four different coachbuilders:Gangloff, Guillore, Antem, and Virgil Exner/Ghia.


Six Type 101 chassis were built after an initial converted Type 57 chassis prototype. At least two more Type 57s were also converted to Type 101 specifications, making a total of nine Type 101 cars produced.

The last Type 101 was built in 1965 by Ghia designed by Virgil Exner for the last remaining Type 101 chassis as an attempt to revive the marque. It was exhibited at the Turin Motor Show, but financing could not be arranged and production plans were scrapped. Exner owned the car for many years, and it has lately appeared in public at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.