Bugatti Type-37 at 2002 Louis Vuitton Classic

Bugatti Type-37 at 2002 Louis Vuitton Classic. by Wouter Melissen -

The Type 37 sports car was launched in 1926.

The Type 35 chassis and body were reused but fitted with a new 1.5 L (1496 cc/91 in³) straight 4 engine, This engine was an SOHC 3-valve design and produced 60 hp (44 kW).

The same engine went on to be used in the Type 40.

A total of 290 Type 37's were manufactured and production lasted until 1930.

The supercharged Type 37A accounted for 67 of the production slots. Engine output was up to 80 to 90 hp (59 to 67 kW). It also had larger shrouded brake drums.

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