Bugatti Type 44 Berliner, at the 2010 VSCC Curcorough. RK

Bugatti Type 44 Berliner (1929), at the 2010 VSCC Curcorough, by Robert Knight -

The Type 44 was the widest-production variant of this range, with 1,095 known.

A large enclosed tourer, it used a new 3-valve SOHC 3 L (2991 cc/182 in³) engine derived from the Type 43's unit.

Twin block nine bearing mains, pressure fed crankshaft, Schebler carburettor, autovac feed and coil ignition.

Built as a Tourer, Saloon, Coupe, Cabriolet and various Special Bodies and Nicknamed the Doctors Bugatti.

It was built from late 1927 through 1930.

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