The Buick Model 19 was a five-seat passenger car made by Buick between 1910 and 1911. It was a successor to the Model D. The following year it replaced the Model 21, which was available as a roadster.

Model 19 (1910)

The new Model 19 had a four-cylinder in-line engine with a displacement of 4179cc, giving a power output of 28.9bhp (21 kW). The car was front-engined with rear-wheel drive. Depending on the version the car had a wheelbase of 2,591 mm or 2,667 mm. The cars had spur gear with 3 forward gears. They were supplied as standard with green bodies and ivory wooden spoke wheels.

4,000 Model 19 cars were built in the single year.

Model 21 (1911)

Successor to the Model 19 was significantly revised and names the Model 21. It had the same design engine which developed an output of 40 bhp (29 kW). Unlike the predecessor, the elegant car was also available as a three-seater roadster. The wheelbase of the car was 2794mm. They were supplied as standard with green bodies and cream-coloured wood spoke wheels.

3,000 Model 21s were built in 1911.