The Buick Model 5 was a five-seat passenger car, it was manufactured in the year 1908 in the U.S. as the top model with a large four-cylinder engine. The Model 6A followed it in the year 1909. The following year there was another touring with seven seats under the name of Model 7 . The first closed car from Buick took over as the Model 41 in 1910, the role of the top model.


Model 5 (1908)

The vans with four-cylinder engines fitted that with a displacement of 5506 cc capacity 40 developed bhp (29 kW). The wheelbase of the Model was provided with a chain drive, front-engine, rear-wheel drive tourer was 2.743 mm. The vehicles had spur gear with 3 forward gears.The Model 5 was available in red or blue and ivory had wooden spoke wheels and embellishments.

It was 402 times.

Model 6A (1909)

The following year the touring car was gone. There was a Roadster, the Model 6A, it was technically based on the previous year's model.

The model 6A was built only 6 times.

Model 7 (1910)

1910 again a touring car was the top model of the automaker. Technically, it was based on the previous year's Model. However, the wheelbase was 3099 mm.

The Model 7 was built 85 times.

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