The General Motors Buick Sport Wagon was a mid-size station wagon and a corporate sister of the Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser. Featuring a raised roof and skylights over the cargo and second seat area, this model was an extended wheelbase version of the Buick Skylark station wagon. Buick Sport Wagons were built in three generations, spanning 1964–67, 1968–69, and 1970–72. The last generation did not receive the skylights.


An innovative model was introduced on February 4, 1964. Using the new GM A platform (RWD) the Sport Wagon used a 120-inch (3,048 mm) wheelbase, that was 5 inches (127 mm) longer than the other Skylark four-door sedans and wagons. The 1964 to 1967 Sport Wagons had a Skyroof that consisted of four tinted glass panels surrounding the elevated section of the roof. A forward-facing third row of seats was optional. Sport Wagons were available in standard and more upscale "Custom" trim package.


A body redesign for 1968 featured sweeping "S-shape" side sculpturing, while the wagon's roof replaced the previously-used split main skylight with a one-piece skylight over the second-row seat, which carried over to 1969. The lengthwise skylights along the cargo area remained the same.

The 1964–69 Sport Wagon models rode on a 121-inch (3,073 mm) wheelbase. This allowed for optional third row seats that was not available on the smaller 116-inch (2,946 mm) wheelbase Special and DeLuxe wagons.

Engine choices included two 350 ci V-8s shared with the Skylark line and a 400 cubic inch "big block" also available in the GS series.


In 1970, the mid-sized Buick models were redesigned. From 1970 to 1972, the Sport Wagon became a deluxe trim version of the similar, less expensive Buick Skylark wagon. The distinctive skylights were not offered and the Sport Wagons were now built on the 116-inch (2,946 mm) wheelbase shared with four-door sedans.


In 1978–1980, a Sport Wagon package was available on the Century wagon. It included different exterior trim like a different grille with body color inserts, special paint treatment, sport wheels and sport suspension.

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