Buick WildCat

Bucik WildCat -

The Buick WildCat was a concept car built in 1985.

The car incorporated four-wheel drive and a McLaren engine based on Buick’s 3.8-litre V6 block, mounted just behind the seats. The engine has 24 valves, dual overhead camshafts and field-programmable sequential-port fuel injection.

Unlike other Buick dream cars, this one emphasized the engine. The top of the powerplant is visible through an opening in the rear deck. Besides an unusual aerodynamic design, the latter-day Wildcat features technical and design breakthroughs in joining the transparent and solid portions of the body.

The bright red mid-engined car had a large glass "bubble" which lifted upward to allow ease of entry and exit. As the canopy raised forward, the steering wheel would tilt upwards, giving the driver more comfort of entering and exiting. With the canopy raised, the occupants sat on a low, wide sill and swung their feet into the compartment. The dashboard was clear of any instrumentation. Most of the digital info was displayed inside the hub of the steering wheel. The information displayed here included oil pressure, battery, fuel level, and coolant temperature gauges.

It has no traditional doors. The body structure is composite carbon fibre and glass. This car, developed in cooperation with PPG Industries, was given the coveted 1986 award for prototype projects by the International Jury of the Car Design Award Turino-Piemonte, presented at the Turin (Italy) Auto Show.