Cadillac XP-840

Cadillac XP-840 -

The Cadillac XP-840 Eldorado Fastback was a concept vehicle, which the Cadillac division of General Motors introduced in 1965.

It had low body styling but a much longer front and a dramatically tapered fastback roof. This progressed full-size two-seat mockup was given a V-16.

Typically shown in the GM Design viewing court, it continued the "substantial" look of earlier proposals, most notably in profile, plus a domed "prow" hood and matching vee’d windshield.

But there were many startling firsts here, like no back window or inside rearview mirror; instead, a narrow slit was cut into the roof as a viewport for a rear-facing TV camera.

Designers really cut loose on this two-passenger fastback, giving it a massive undercut nose, semi-separate front fenders, a huge wrapped windshield, double-notched beltline, a back panel deeply inset between bold "outrigger" rear fenderlines, and the ribbed "cuffs" spilling out and down from the hood to recall the outside exhaust pipes of Classic days.