Cadillac Coupe

Cadillac Coupe -

The Cadillac Coupe was a concept car built in 1953 by Ghia.

This car is one of two 1953 Cadillacs designed and built by Ghia of Turin and was exhibited at numerous European auto shows. Ghia’s intent was to illustrate Italian coachwork on the American Chassis. In the early 1950s, Ghia’s international horizons were substantially broadened by contracts with the Chrysler Corporation. Unique designs, excellent craftsmanship, and low fabrication costs led to Ghia’s creation of many exciting one-off “Idea” cars – such as this.

Following its run at that year’s international car shows, the car was purchased by Saudi Prince Aly Khan and gifted to his wife Rita Hayworth.This Cadillac Ghia coupe was built specifically for the 1953 Paris Auto Salon on a Cadillac 62 chassis. This car was featured on the cover of the January, 1955 issue of Road and Track magazine.

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