1953 Cadillac Le Mans Concept 08

Cadillac Le Mans -

The Cadillac Le Mans was a concept car developed by Cadillac in 1953.

It was named for the 24 Hours of Le Mans race in France, in which Cadillac competed in 1950. The design was a low-profile (51 inches (1,300 mm) to the windshield frame), two-seat, fiberglass-bodied roadster. This concept showcased Cadillac's first wrap-around windshield.

It was powered by a 250 hp (186 kW) version of Cadillac's 331 CI V-8, a power output not reached in production Cadillacs until 1955. The Le Mans overall length was 196 in (4,978 mm). Though 4 units were built, the model never went into production, and it would be nearly 50 years before Cadillac developed another vehicle with a similar design concept, the Cadillac XLR. Of the four, one is documented as having been destroyed in a fire; the other three still exist with one of those currently in the Cadillac Historical Collection.

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